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Vampires: A Medical Explanation

As the 20th century evolved, rational man turned to science to explain mythology that had pervaded for thousands of years. How could a man be mistaken for a vampire? How could someone appear to have been the victim of a vampire attack? Science, in time, came back with answers that may surprise you.Anemia

Drawn to Vamps?

Vol. 1 No. 2
A Symphony of Shadows/A Symphony of Shudders
Vol. 1 No. 2
I Was a Vampire for Hire

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Brazil, 1991
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Atom Age Vampire / Le Monstre au Masque

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Dhampir (Slovakia)
A Dhampir in Balkan folklore is the child of a vampire father and a human mother, with vampire powers but none of the weaknesses. A dhampir is believed to have the unique ability to see vampires, even when these are invisible, and is unusually adept at killing them.

The socially sophisticated Undead in Folklore
The original vampires of folklore have been given some hard knocks these days in comparison to their most popular literary descendants. For example, in Anne Rice's novel, INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE, Louis and Claudia encounter in Eastern Europe only dim-witted, savage vampires.

The World Dracula Congress
Just over a week ago, I arrived back from my second visit to Romania, this time to attend the first World Dracula Congress. As this Congress was such a major event and has received so much media attention world-wide, I thought I would provide a synopsis and an evaluation.

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July 13, 2008 (Chicago Sun-Times / Dana Kaye) -- At first glance, romance novelist Patricia Rosemoor and horror writer Marc Paoletti seem like unlikely writing partners. Rosemoor is working on her 82nd book, while Paoletti recently published his first; Rosemoor is a writing teacher at Columbia College, and Paoletti is a former student; Rosemoor's writing centers on love and relationships, while Paoletti's work is driven by action. But it seems their different experiences and backgrounds have worked in their favor.
August 25, 2005 (Press Release) - DrMaster Publications Inc. and DGN Production Inc. have just announced they will start the New Year with a brand new color graphic novel presentation, under the veil of the supernatural. Taken from the pages of the renowned novel itself, comes "Journal of the Vampire [1] Claws of Darkness."
THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. If you ever want to hide from the world, live in a small city, where everyone seems anonymous.That's the advice of twelve-year-old Ariella Montero, who lives with her father in Saratoga Springs, New York, in a house haunted more by secrets than by memories. The Society of S traces her journey south, to Asheville and Savannah, and on to Florida, as she learns that everything she knows about her family is a lie.

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Black Sunday
Reviewed by Glenn EricksonMario Bava's first credited feature is still the number one film of the Italian Horror renaissance, startlingly original and genuinely creepy. It introduced the icon Barbara Steele to the screen and is probably her best film as well. The blend of vampire and witchcraft lore is atmospheric (all of those real crypts and broken stairs) and violent.
Trinity Blood
By Jessica SeversAdmit it. Vampires are cool. The tortured immortal confined to eternal night, the gothic-chic wardrobe, never having to look into a mirror ... Vampires bump humans down a notch on the food chain, but what if there was something that preyed on vampires?
Day Watch
Review by Steven Rea