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Past and recent vampires as symbols of changing sexual mores

Over the centuries, the vampire has undergone radical changes. From the Count in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel to the alcoholic New Yorker Sam in the 1997 film Habit, the figure of the vampire has evolved with society.

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Monsters in the movies
Ron Chaney's hillside home near Palm Springs doesn't look much like a haunted house, but he always looks forward to getting it ready for Halloween. Chaney is, after all, a descendent of monsters.

Black Vampires in Film
Vampires have always been known as seductive creatures of the night They have pale skin, glowing eyes, and very sharp sexy phallic like fangs. When one says vampire they often think of the very dark Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire, and of course the beautiful vampires in the Twilight movies. But so often there are another group of vampires that are often overlooked- Black Vampires. They are very sensual and sexy creatures. They range from the blaxpoitation of early film to very strong lead characters such as Blade.

Why vampires have fangs
You're cover-shopping at the bookstore. If you're lucky there's a horror section: otherwise, you may be in sci-fi, fantasy, romance, or that wondrous catchall, "novels." You want to find vampire books, of course. Other than the word "vampire" in the title, what will tip you off? You look at the cover paintings.

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October 23, 2007 (SyFy Portal / Alan Stanley Blair) -- Some people may not be too happy sucking blood for a living, but "Moonlight's" Shannyn Sossamon is certainly not one of them as playing a vampire satisfies one of her acting desires. But her thirst to play one of the undead wasn't for the makeup, the gore or the traditional slinky outfits; it was the raw angst and passion that drew her to role.
Hammer Films Co-CEOs Simon Oakes and Nigel Sinclair, as well as Overture Films CEO Chris McGurk and COO Danny Rosett, have officially announced the leads for their upcoming film "Let Me In" -- an American remake of the Swedish hit "Let the Right One In" -- which is based on the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist.
May 14, 2008 (Zap2It / Rick Porter) -- CBS Entertainment chief Nina Tassler chuckled Wednesday when a reporter asked if she's prepared for the onslaught of mail from "Moonlight" fans upset about the show's cancellation.

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Insatiable by Meg Cabot
Vampires are being dramatically overused in popular media. Movies like Twilight, New Moon, Daybreakers, 30 Days of Night, and the Underworld movies all have made vampires shrouded in paparazzi, not mystery, as legend places them.
Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to True Blood
What a great time to be a vampire. Thanks to the Twilight series in particular, vampire-mania has taken hold recently. There are scores of vampire related films and television shows, and The Vampire Film: From Nosferatu to True Blood sets out to catalog them all. The book itself is impressive at nearly 500 pages in length, and featuring over 700 distinct entries, and 800 various photos.
Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite CorpseReview by Harriet Klausner, submitted on 1-Jan-1996 EXQUISITE CORPSEPoppy Z. BriteSimon & Schuster, August 1996, $21.00, 240 pp.ISBN 0-684-82254-7