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Feminism, Twilight and the End of the World

Today I did a persuasive speech in my speech class on why everyone should be on Team Jacob instead of Team Edward, complete with pictures making my case. MLIT. -- from MyLifeIsTwilight.com

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Exhuming the Vampire
The vampire has long been a source of morbid fascination, particularly for authors of gothic fiction. Although The Vampyre - Polidori's uninspired pilfering of an unfinished tale by Lord Byron in 1819 - sparked a hugely popular revival in vampire literature that eventually led, in 1897, to Bram Stoker's Dracula (and its subsequent exhaustive film adaptation), vampire fiction can be traced back as far as classical Greece.

The Historical Dracula, Vlad III Tepes, 1431-1476
Historical Background: Most are probably aware of the fact that when Bram Stoker penned his immortal classic, _Dracula_, he based his vampire villain on an actual historical figure. Stoker's model was Vlad III Dracula (call Tepes, pronounced tse-pesh); a fifteenth century voivode or prince of Wallachia of the princely House of Basarab.

Why vampires are popular
When I was a Vampire, I did it for the money. Which makes me a vampiric whore I guess. Which is mild compared to labels the blood sucking, corruption dealing reps of the Undead have been trading under for millennia.

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Last February, L.A. Banks' bestselling "Vampire Huntress Legend" series concluded with its twelfth and final book, "The Thirteenth." Fans looking for more are in luck, however, because this July, heroine Damali Richards is back to continue her fight as The Neteru against the evil spawn of The Dark Realms.
July 3, 2007 (Adelaide Now) -- Luck has come Claudia Karvan's way, with the much-loved Sydney actress landing a leading role alongside Hollywood heartthrob Ethan Hawke in a new Hollywood vampire flick.
Good article over at CNN with Christopher Lee, commenting on the sore state of modern horror films. I have to agree with him, true suspense has been replaced by over-the-top torture porn. Garbage. He also discusses his upcoming film, "The Resident," his first film for Hammer Films in over 30 years.

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Blood Hunt & Blood Links
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Sins of the BloodReview by Beverley Richardson, submitted on 24-Nov-1994 SINS OF THE BLOODBy KRISTINE KATHRYN RUSCHPub. by Dell 1994ISBN 0-440-21540-4
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