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Should vampires sparkle?

Vampires are definitely in vogue right now. Browse through any bookstore's racks and you'll find a score of novels with ‘vampire' in the title. This theme is especially notable in the young adult lit sections, where the reader will observe pieces such as the Twilight series, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Kisses, Vampire Academy and, my personal favorite, Vampire Beach. Has anyone noticed a trend?

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The Problem with Immortality
When the image of the vampire is presented to us, we are filled– even if secretly or subconsciously – with longing. The three most desirable traits of the vampire are his power, sexuality and immortality. In this essay we will be looking at the immortality of the vampire.

Dracula vs. Star Wars
The recent re-release of George Lucas' epic has prompted me to compare Dracula and Star Wars. Although Dracula is an erotic horror novel and Star Wars is a science fiction adventure, there are many parallels between the world's best-selling novel and the most popular movie of all time.

The Fearful Vampire Killers
The fate of one "vampire killer" was determined in Arkansas recently, while three people in Guyana still await their chance to prove in court that they acted rationally...if they can.

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July 20, 2003 (Jascha Hoffman / The Boston Globe) - When a Strigoi starts sucking the life force out of its surviving loved ones, the Romanian folk cure involves digging up its corpse, mutilating and burning it. New Englanders have dealt with their own parasitic undead in much the same way, claims the Rhode Island folklorist Michael E. Bell in "Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England's Vampires" (2001).
January 7, 2007 (Nguyen Dinh Sinh / Translated by Van Minh) - About twenty years ago, after graduating from the provincial Teacher’s Training College, I went straight to Na Bon, one of the remote mountainous villages of the Thai Den (Black Thai) minority people at the foot of the Ngam Kha Pass, to open a primary class for local kids.
June 6, 2007 (Deseret Morning News / Scott D. Pierce) -- When CBS announced its fall schedule and there was a show about a vampire/private investigator on it, the comparisons to "Angel" were immediate and inevitable.

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FrostwingReview by Baron Gideon Redoak, submitted on 14-May-1995 Knaak, Richard A. Frostwing. New York, Warner Books (Aspect), 1995. Also not a vampire book (sorry, I just haven't been able to go book shopping for awhile), but a very, very scary one.
Natural History
Natural HistoryReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 1-Jan-1992 Adapted from the column "Vampires in Print" in The Vampire's Crypt #3 (Spring 1991). Review by Cathy Krusberg Joan Perucho. Natural History (Knopf, 1988; Ballantine, 1990)
Guilty Pleasures
Guilty PleasuresReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 20-Apr-1994 Adapted from "Vampires in Print" in The Vampire's Crypt #9 (Spring 1994). Review by Cathy Krusberg Laurell K. Hamilton. Guilty Pleasures Ace, 1993; $4.99/$5.99.