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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word vampire as "the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep." Since the word was first coined in 1734 the myth of the vampire has grown, entering into popular culture with the publication of Bram Stoker's Dracula in 1897 and more recently through the books of Anne Rice, the most famous of which, Interview with a Vampire, was made into a film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

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Peter Plogojowitz (Serbia)
This is an actual report of the history of Peter Plogojowitz which was accounted by an official in 1725.

Dracula's castle? Don't count on it
Bran, Romania: Bram Stoker never visited here. Vlad the Impaler might have spent one night here. And as far as anyone can tell, there are not now and never have been any vampires in residence. So why is Bran Castle, a lovely, 13th-century palace near Brasov in Transylvania, known far and wide as "Dracula's Castle?"

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While speaking with some of the local teenagers at the convention at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky, they mentioned about this on live reality vampire web series. It's on Take 180.com and it's called “I <3 Vampires” and it awakens for Its Second Season. After hearing only part of this uhm..interesting new wave of vampire fandom- online web series.
Cain- The Quest, the fourth book in the Royal Blood Chronicles by Elizabeth Loraine is on a Virtual Book Blog Tour now and ending the end of this month.
June 28 2007 (Reuters / New York) -- In the cutthroat business of real estate, U.S.-based firm Baytree Capital Associates has been chosen to market Dracula's Castle. Archduke Dominic Habsburg, who lives in New York state, and his family retained the private investment firm to market Bran Castle and the surrounding property in the Transylvanian region of Romania.

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His Father's Son
Reflections on Dracula: Ten Essays
Reflections on Dracula: Ten Essays
Blood of the Impaler
Blood of the ImpalerReview by Pandora, submitted on 28-Oct-2001 Blood of the Impaler / Jeffrey Sackett. New York : Bantam, c1989. ISBN 0-533-28183-6 (paper) $3.95340 p. The cover blurb reads: The blood remembers...