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Vampires: the Celtic connection

A 4000-year-old "vampire" grave, believed to be the world's first burial place for one of the presumed "undead", has been discovered in eastern Europe. It bares spookily similar hallmarks to Celtic tombs in the British Isles designed to prevent bloodsucking "revenants". These were recently buried people who were believed to rise from the grave, walk the earth and prey on the living.

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Blood of Innocence Chapter Five
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Goat Rider Versus Moobius

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Account of a vampire (Hungary)
From the Jewish letters (lettres juives), letter 137 -- We have just had in this part of Hungary a scene of vampirism, which is duly attested by two officers of the tribunal of Belgrade, who went down to the places specified, and by an officer of the emperor's troops at Graditz, who was an ocular witness of the proceedings.

Dracula: once bitten, forever smitten
From Dracula to Lestat to Mona the Vampire, the thirst for vampire novels is unquenchable. They've been examined from every conceivable angle, done to death as it were, and yet literature about them proliferates at greater speed than vampires themselves could ever hope to. So what is it about books featuring the undead that holds us so much in thrall?

7 strange ways Humans act like Vampires
With the third movie installment of the "Twilight" movies, "Twilight Saga: Eclipse," based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling vampire-romance novels, slated to arrive in theaters on June 30, vampires have once again crept into pop culture's collective consciousness.  While true, undead vampires do not exist, some diseases and disorders show themselves in ways that are similar to vampiric characteristics. From sunlight intolerance to an aversion to garlic and mirrors, below are six illnesses that, to some extent, cause people to act like vampires:

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May 25, 2007 (SyFy Portal / Michael Hinman) -- Changes are coming for CBS' new vampire series in recasting that is typical for many shows that transform from pilot stage to series mode.Shannon Lucia, who was supposed to play the love interest of Alex O'Loughlin's vampire character in "Moonlight," will be replaced by another actress as work on the series begins, The Hollywood Reporter said.
October 28, 2007 (news.com.au / Peter Hansen) -- Convicted murderer Tracey Wigginton, who calls herself a vampire, began new Supreme Court action last week, protesting against her high-security classification. She wants to do her life sentence in the softer conditions of a prison farm.
June 16, 2007 (Corpus Christi Caller Times / Barbara Ramirez / ROCKPORT) -- An Aransas County jury on Friday sentenced a 22-year-old man to 20 years in prison for shooting to death a Rockport-area woman he believed was a vampire. Nathaniel Chipps initially was charged with murder in the Aug. 15., 2006, death of 35-year-old Teresa Tracy McCartney, but a jury on Thursday found Chipps guilty of a lesser charge of manslaughter.

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Midnight Temptation
Midnight TemptationReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 26-Feb-1995 Adapted from "Vampires in Print," The Vampire's Crypt No. 11 (Spring 1995, slated for March 1995 publication) Review by Cathy Krusberg Nancy Gideon. Midnight Temptation. Pinnacle, 1994; $4.99/$5.99; ISBN 0-7860-0054-6. Vampire romance.
Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?
Review by writnkitten
I, Vampire
I, VampireReview by The Mad Bibliographer, submitted on 01-Jan-1992 The following is adapted from material that originally appeared in the column "Vampires in Print" in The Vampire's Crypt #3 (Spring 1991). Review by Cathy Krusberg Michael Romkey. I, Vampire (Fawcett, 1990).