Abomination: The Evilmaker II

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USA 2003
Directed by John Bowker

A Secluded House... Unexplained Disappearances... Kathy is a troubled psychic whose younger gothic sister, Rachel vanishes. As the search for her sister begins, Kathy is thrust into a world of darkness and sex crazed demons. All worldly barriers are shattered when the path to survival is marked with corpses and stolen souls. As insatiable evils seek to destroy Kathy, her tortured fight from within ignites her search for answers and her sister.  Note: may not have vampires, but is included on a vampire compilation DVD.

a.k.a Abomination 

Cast:Shannon Barksdale as Madam Vladmeria
Warren E.B.B.        
Betty Griffith        
Kelly Loux        
Felicia Pandolfi as Rachel
Robert L. Summer        
Kylene Wetherell as Kathy
John Wilmot as Charles

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