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30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night
New Zealand / USA 2007 This is the story of an isolated Alaskan town that is plunged into darkness for a month each year when the sun sinks below the horizon. As the last rays of light fade, the town is attacked by a bloodthirsty gang of vampires bent on an uninterrupted orgy of destruction. Only the small town's husband-and-wife Sheriff team stand between the survivors and certain destruction.

30 Days of Night: Blood Trails (TV)

30 Days of Night: Blood Trails
USA 2007 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: BLOOD TRAILS is based on the New Orleans storyline from the original graphic novel by Steve Niles. It follows George, a young addict who makes a living seeking covert information for Judith, the weary but wise New Orleans vampire hunter.

30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

30 Days Of Night: Dark Days
USA 2011

Stella Olemaun heads to Los Angeles after surviving the vampire attack in Barrow, Alaska, and intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband.

Direct-to-DVD sequel written by Steve Niles based on his graphic novel "Dark Days." Cast and release date TBD. Announced April 2009; shooting to begin in October 2009.

30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust (TV)

30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust
USA 2008 6-part miniseries that was released on FEARnet.com and FEARnet On Demand that acts as a sequel to the movie "30 Days of Night."

5 Tombe per un Medium

Cinque Tombe Per un Medium / Terror Creatures From The Grave / Cimetier pour Morts Vivants
Italy 1965 An attorney arrives at a castle to settle the estate of its recently deceased owner. The owner's wife and daughter reveal that he was someone who was able to summon the souls of ancient plague victims and, in fact, his spirit was roaming the castle at that very moment. Soon occupants of the castle begin to die off in gruesome, violent ways


Abomination: The Evilmaker II

Abomination: The Evilmaker II
USA 2003

A Secluded House... Unexplained Disappearances... Kathy is a troubled psychic whose younger gothic sister, Rachel vanishes. As the search for her sister begins, Kathy is thrust into a world of darkness and sex crazed demons. All worldly barriers are shattered when the path to survival is marked with corpses and stolen souls. As insatiable evils seek to destroy Kathy, her tortured fight from within ignites her search for answers and her sister.  Note: may not have vampires, but is included on a vampire compilation DVD.

a.k.a Abomination 

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
USA 2012

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the United States. He makes it his mission to eliminate them.

Absolute Angels


A Goth girl who lands a spot on her high school cheerleading team soon finds out the her fellow athletes are a pack of vampires. Announced, but may have never been produced.

Addiction, The

The Addiction
USA 1995 A New York anthropology grad student turns into a vampire after getting bitten by one, and then tries to come to terms with her new lifestyle and frequent craving for human blood.

a.k.a. The Addiction

Adventures of the Quest: Visiting the Vampire (TV)

Australia 2000 Episode 5. The jungles of Belize harbor one of the greatest diversities of bat species in the Americas. Belize is also home to the infamous, blood-sucking Vampire Bat. While the rest of the Quest crew were investigating the local dolphin population offshore, one of the cabin crew was given the opportunity of a lifetime, to confront her greatest fear - Bats!

Fanged Films

Italy, 1972
Night of the Devils / La Noche de los Diablos
Soviet Union, 1967
Bnn / Viy or Spirit of Evil

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Late in the 17th century, there was a town called Croglin Grange (in Cumberland County, England). It's been said by some that the town was visited by a vampire... and the young lady in the tale barely escaped with her life.A one-story home in Croglin Grange was rented to a two brothers and their sister. One summer night, when the heat from the day still clung to the air, the sister was looking out her window at the stars. It was too hot to sleep. Suddenly, she noticed two lights that flickered in and out of the group of trees that lay beyond her window.
Elizabeth Miller is a well-known member of the vampire community. In addition to being a former Professor of English at the Memorial University of Newfoundland, she is President of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula - Canadian Chapter as well as Baroness of the House of Dracula. What was your first exposure to Dracula?

Drawn to Vamps?

Vol. 1 No. 27
Night of the Vampire-Stalker
Vol. 1 No. 15
The Tomb of the Three Dead Kings!